A last morning with …

She is the one and only, staying for 35 years in the partnership relations between the nowadays Lutheran circuits Bramsche, Durban, Melle-Georgsmarienhuette, Pirna, Umngeni and Umvoti. She is a retired teacher, she is home at Ntuzuma parish. And she is a good friend of Elke and me. Readers who know the roots of this partnership, should know: Yes, she is it, Beauty Msomi! Yesterday we had the morning hours together in her home in Ntuzuma. For me this is a special place as I have been here the very first time in 1980 with that-time youth exchange programme.

Beauty, Elke and I went through all these years remembering the good and sad times, moments of glory and moments of sorrow. We commemorated those one who died like her husband Edward, Dean and Bishop Thomas Mbuli, Rev. Bhengu and much more women and men who had been part of the development of the partnership relations.

Beauty is retired years ago, but she is still very active to serve to her church and to the community in Ntuzuma. Mainly this is done by running a kindergarten on her own risk without public support, only he parents are paying for the food, the children are getting the day over. But now the kindergarten has got the government’s certification, so there’s hope for some supportive money.

And we were surprised by the children of the kindergarten singing Nkosi sikaleli Africa, the National Anthem of South Africa: May our God bless (South) Africa!


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