A holiday with museum, meetings and a German End

Today, we didn’t have a real program. So it looked like a relaxing day in the morning. We had a late breakfast, presented by Rhosta and the Lady, who’s helping in the house. Her name is Nobuhle.

Thereafter, we visited the small and smart Bergtheil Museum in Westville nearby. The exhibition tells the story of the first settlers from Germany coming to the area of Port Natal (Durban) around the year 1850. The very interesting fact is, that those settlers came mainly from the villages east and south of Osnabrueck, but also from Osnabrueck town, Bramsche, Engter and Voerden. It had been poor people, who did not find work in a changing world, when steam-driven machines took over, e.g. in the weaver factories of Bramsche. Those settlers found Rev. Posselt (from Berlin Mission) and his wife Christiane, when they arrived. They asked him to be their pastor. But he said, that he would only do this if he got allowance to do mission work with the Zulu people. Out of this Mission work, two years later, in 1852 the Christianenburg Parish was established, the first Lutheran parish of the Zulu. The evangelical Lutheran Christianenburg parish is the Partner parish of Bad Essen parish since 1986.

We continued with some shopping – and met Mr. Khumalo coincidentally, the chairman of the Durban circuit partnership committee and the co-ordinating partnership committee of Durban and Umngeni circuits. We spoke about the coming delegation of the Lutheran circuit Durban, Umngeni, Umvoti and Umfolozi, which is awaited in the circuits of Osnabrueck region in May this year.

At 5 p.m., James Hlongwa stepped in and invited Elke and me to visit him and his family in his new home near Hillcrest at Saturday. It will be a big joy to meet them, as we now James since 1994.

In the evening Elke was the chief cook in the kitchen. Together with Fikhile and Nobuhle she prepared pasta with sauce Bolognese and a carrot-apple salad. Loveley!


Mr Khumalo and Elke exchanging contact details

James Hlongwa, to be visited on Saturday

James Hlongwa, to be visited on Saturday

Elke preparing a german supper

Elke preparing a german supper


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