Butterflies, a “white elefant” and a revived friendship

Our Saturday started very relaxing at “Butterflies for Africa”. This small place present various butterflies mainly from Africa, but also some insects and newly some very small monkeys.

In the afternoon we had the chance to visit Ingrid Thompson. This lady, member of Eastwood congregation (PMB-North parish) had been a delegation member from Durban and Umgeni circuits to Melle and Pirna circuits in 1995. It has been a blessing to exchange our remembering to those times. She reminds me to my words, that we as Germans don’t like so see “white elephants” (oversized projects) but well planned projects which are realistic and easier to handle.

Lastly, we had a meeting with MaDlamini (Ncami), member of a social worker’s delegation in2009 and nowadays “chief of communication” for the Farming Project in Bischopstowe. Together with her husband Bongani, she introduced us to their parents families and relatives in Henley east from Pietermaritzburg.

In the evening we had a “work supper” which revived our friendship. We were able to exchange our opinions about the latest changes in Germany and find a solid basis to continue our work for the project.


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