Visit to a museum in Maropeng

This Sunday we had a visit to the museum “Cradle of humankind” in Maropeng, about 60 km North-West from Midway. Nolwazi was with us.

2016_0410_1236_522016_0410_1242_442016_0410_1234_37The museum shows the development of life from the birth of our Earth to the modern humans including their problems to protect god’s creation. The place in Maropeng was chosen as the oldest bones of humans were found here in the 1990s.

The museums is not stopping with celebrating this sensation, but put the main spot on the development of what make us human: our multi-talented body, our usage of tools, our various ways of communication. And also the human made dangers for the survival of humans on Earth are shown by multiple usages of media including try-out-stations to test senses and knowledge.

We enjoyed this day very much. Tomorrow we’ll drive to Pietermaritzburg, the capital of the South-Eastern province KwaZulu-Natal. This will take the whole day. We are glade to find our next beds at Happy Mzilas home, who invited us to stay with her.


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