The Project is on the Run

2016_0414_1153_11IMG-20160414-WA0005What a surprise when we came to the Bishopstowe Project today, which is now called “Farming Project Churches Agape Foods”. We met two of the workers, Philip Nsibande and Zithobile Mkhize in the project (both from Imbali congregation, PMB-South parish), who showed us some of the animal and some of the planting projects. First of all: The production of hens and chicken is successful and make a profit of 1,900 Rand per month alone. The same, the production of salads and other vegetables has been successful. Dean Myaka told us two evenings before that the production and selling has been so good, that they are now improving to optimize the plots for plantings to offer everything the whole year and not only seasonal. It seems as if the market is very much in favour of the products. We hope to meet members of the project board the next days to speek about the future plans of the project.

At the project site we also met 10 Student of theology. As the LTI (Lutheran Theological Institute) in Pietermaritzburg has been closed town two weeks ago, as one of the stakeholder escaped, the student got a shelter at the plot in Bishopstowe. They are studying as a group and get lessons by Rev. Sibiya. The future of the LTI is very open but unclear.

IMG-20160414-WA0006Finally I have to report, that the new deanery beside the project site is growing. Two weeks ago, we got photos sent by Pius Mbuyisa. They were showing the digging for the fundaments. When we arrived today, the first brick layers were done and the workers were busy to fill in the basic flor with concret. (See photo).


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