Heat in Pietermaritzburg

The day was hot – 31°C! So we relaxed together with Happy Mzila at the veranda of her home and spoke about lot of things in our personal history. Happy showed us her big garden and explained the details they took over from the first owner and how they changed some things. Today some geese, chicken, ducks, goats and turkeys have space to live, and many trees are spending their fruits to feeds the family the same like different vegies. And the dog Sammy has his eyes and his nose to observe everyone and everything.

After midday we went on with our (his)stories until it was time to say goodbye. We drove toward another part of Pietermaritzburg where Rev. Magdalene Nzama is living together with many people she is giving a shelter. After the welcoming with “Hallo” and laughter the ladies in the kitchen where busy to prepare a wonderful supper we had together with “Maggy”. Finally again the kitchen crew was in action…


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