A happy day with Happy Mzila and her family

The day started with an opulent breakfast together with Happy, followed by a walk through the location she is living in. Thereafter, we drove to the Liberty Mall, Pietermaritzburg biggest shopping centre, to buy some food for the evening.

Furthermore, we visited the church at the small preaching place Sweetwater, where Happy and Bongani Mzila are serving as lay preachers. With their engagement they try to bring up this preaching place to a status of a congregation. This means there are at least 50 active members in need.

Thereafter, I got a nice lesson in modern computer made music, composed by Ndunduso, the sun of Happy. He is working parttime as a DJ (see photo).

Finally we had a wunderfull supper, and Dean Nathi Myaka jumpt in to welcome us. We will meet him again the next days. Tomorrow we will change again our accommodation: Magdalene Nzama will be our new host. Read more about this the next days.


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