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Here we are at Hamburg Airport

After traveling with three trains, we have arrived at Hamburg Airport. My brother Thomas joined us at the railway station and has come with us to the airport. Thanks for being with us for the farewell!

We have checked in the luggage (30 and 22 kg), so now we are free from the heavy load and relax a bit with a coffee. We are still excited about all what is coming. We have injoyed all the posts which came in via WhatsApp. Thanks for being with us.

The next post will come earliest around midnight, when we are landing in the United Arabic Emirates.

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We have started to South Africa

Cold wheather at Bohmte railway station: 10°C. We are travelling via Bremen and Hamburg to the airport near Hamburg. From there we’ll start to Dubai and then finally to Johannesburg.

The photo showes Elke at Bohmte station waiting for the train.

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South Africa Blog will start in April

Logo_ReiseIn the beginning of April 2016, my wife Elke and myself will start a holiday tour to many friends in South Africa we know since many years. If you are interested, you may follow up our experiences on this place from 7th of April until 28th of April.

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